It does not, but we recommend using Crayola Ultra Clean Markers

As many as you would like! The Doodle Roll is made out of premium poster paper and is not laminated or dry erase. While the paper is thick and sturdy, it can tear and wear down with use and it’s longevity is dependant on how it is handled. We recommend using painters tape on the corners to hold the Doodle to the wall or floor.

We always love working with schools, charities and other organizations. Please get in touch if you are interested in working together on a fundraising or charity based project.


We offer three amazing sizes for each Doodle Design. The 2x3’ Doodle sits nicely on a tabletop and has a smaller footprint, images are also smaller. The 4x4’ Doodle is a perfect size and makes and is best used on the floor or wall. The 4x6’ Doodle is gigantic and has a unique wow factor. This Doodle is great for multiple children to use together and very popular as birthday/celebration banners.

We have currently suspended custom orders due to high order volume but we hope to offer custom designs in the future.

Due to the customization of each Doodle Roll we do not accept returns or offer refunds. If an error occurs on our end we are happy to replace your roll.


The Doodle Roll is shipped in a poster tube which is deemed “oversize” by most carriers. We offer flat rate shipping!

Each Doodle Roll is packaged in a plastic sleeve with instructions and the “name” from each order on the front.

If your order has been lost please contact us so that we can provide support and help track down your package.

Our production time is generally 2 weeks as each Doodle is made to order. While we

strive to get Doodles printed as quickly as possible, delays may occur. Please refer to our website banner for the most accurate production estimate when ordering.